Paul Prem Nadama is a heartwarming singer, songwriter and guitarist.

His relaxed acoustic soul and contemporary folk tunes carry a new-age, conscious message that resonates and touches the hearts of many people, on any size stage.

Paul describes his intimate performances and workshops as ‘Melodies, Mantras and Moments‘, a concert or gathering where audience singing is welcomed.

He performs either alone or with a small band often featuring wonderful sax player Simon Taylor and top violinist Lizzie McConkey.

Paul Prem Nadama received his (sannyasin) name from world-renowned Mantra singer and sacred songwriter Miten at the Gayatri festival in 2016. Recently he was interviewed for an article in OshoNews online magazine where he shared some biographical and personal stories of his ‘double life’ as Musician and a TV Director which you can read here. And recently his album ‘There are Times’ received a beautiful review¬†which you can read¬†here.

Paul has since gone on to play at Edinburgh Fringe, Tribal Earth, Brighton Fringe and in 2016 performed at a World Consciousness Symposium. In 2017 a tour of retreat centres in Holland and Corfu was a great success and more will follow.